Stichting Rechtskracht is run by volunteers and law students. The employees of Stichting Rechtskracht are volunteers and law students who give free legal advice to our clients. 




mr. Sjoerd Otter is a graduated legal specialist in the field of rent law. He has a lot of experience in providing social legal services and has worked at communities and at Landelijke Studentenvakbond. 

"I have a lot of legal knowledge and I have experience in the field of social legal work. I have graduated on rent law and I enjoy using my knowledge to help clients!"

Isake Serrant has studied law at HBO-level and is specialised in international law. She works for Stichting Rechtskracht from 2016. 

"I am interested in the challenge of helping people and I hope I can make a difference."

Leah van Dijk is a master-level student private law at the University of Groningen and she runs a company in legal assistance. She especially likes working in contract law, liability law and some aspects of administrative law.  

"As a legal employee of the Stichting I hope I can contribute to making the law more available for everyone!"

Arnoud van Wijk is a second year student Dutch law at the University of Groningen. Before he started his law studies, he has obtained a bachelor degree in Business MER. 

"The law is not accessible at all, while everyone gets to deal with a legal problem sometimes. It is my goal to make it easier by giving legal advice to everyone who is facing a a legal problem."   

mr. ing. J. H. (Hans) van den Berg is a retired civil servant at Arbeidsinspectie. He has graduated on Social Economic Law. He is currently working as a legal advisor. He writes letters and litigates in smaller court-cases. His experiences lay on the field of labour law, intellectual property, problems with suppliers and noise disturbance aimed at practical solutions in houses.

"Order will not come without a fight."